CaroLine offers you an immense variety of doors and windows were you can find the right style with the right colour. Our windows can be made to any type of style, from the Portuguese traditional to other country's architecture, from the old fashion styles to the contemporary modern styles, as well as your own design and others. Windows are the main entrance to natural light into your home, they allow air circulation offering you a fresh breeze through your corridors.


Windows and Doors

In the cold of winter they provide the warmth you search in your home after a long day at work, you can feel relaxed with the comfort that your wooden windows can add to your privacy and you can be sure that when it's time to sleep you can feel cosy and secured knowing your house is a safe place called home. Your doors being main entrance or secondary are very important to your home, you want to make sure

they follow the same standard of the rest of your house. In fact the front door should have the wow factor, should be calling card it is the face of your home. Will it be with glass panels or plain, wood, PVC or aluminum, the main thing is your front door should be as grand as you want it to be an investment you will be proud of! With our entire portfolio we can with no shadow of dough help you choose the one door for you.

If you are looking for another systems, something different, and create an all open indoor / outdoor space or just a sliding door where you can keep you fantastic view… Then you are looking in the right place we can offer you a solution for what you seek in Sliding, Slide & Turn, Folding or Horizontal Sliding Wall.

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