CaroLine - Windows for Females

Windows and doors - Environment and Style - made from natural wood.

Wooden windows are simply beautiful, classic and enhance any type of construction. They stimulate the subconscious and make you feel good. Wood is hygienic and you contribute to a healthy living environment.


The modern wood treatment improves some properties such as resistance, biodegradation, dimensional stability and also strengthens the resistance against UV radiation, among others. Wood Belmadur initiated by BASF makes the Nordic wood like pine, harder than oak and it "breathes" as untreated wood, receiving moisture and releasing it when needed and keeps its natural appearance.

Save the Earth


At the end of its life cycle it does not present an environmental hazard higher than the untreated wood.
There is a great variety in colours and it is easy to do in wooden windows by painting and varnishing. In fact it is so easy, that you can change it and keep in fashion all the time..