Dresses for your Windows

Sliding curtains, roller blinds, Venetian blinds - there are endless ways to dress up your windows with blinds. For each day there is something special - from sun protection an privacy to total darkness. Caroline would like to introduce you to some of the trendsetters of window decoration.

Venetian blinds are masters of adaptation: they conjure light floods into the room or provide for absolute shade. Their secret? The principle of adjustable slats. Blinds offer privacy from the outside, but at the same time allow a clear view into the green. This property, which is caused by the adjustable slats of the blinds is becoming increasingly important in modern life: in the office thanks to the glare-free shutters and in bathrooms and bedrooms they protect your privacy and at the same time allow contact with the outside. Venetian blinds are the all-rounders of the window decoration - and are more and more popular as glare and privacy protection. Materials such as wood, aluminum or plastic, are the most important ones. Colours and materials of blinds can be adapted to any décor and personal preferences. They are a wonderful design element that can be integrated into your home.

A roller blind is an ideal sun protection and a decoration for your home at the same time, whether classic, white, clear or complete dark. The times in which roller blinds served as insulation to seal leaky windows are over. Today, a blind can concentrate on his job as sun and privacy protection. In the bathroom the blind is rolled in a jiffy if necessary, in the kitchen it protects before dazzling light or unwanted gaze of neighbors, in the bedroom altogether..
Three cheers for privacy!

Sliding curtains put up every room in the scene and are the modern version of earlier curtains. Curtains are very pure and therefore fit perfectly with modern interiors. Moreover, the use of curtains is extremely simple and they are easy to clean. With large windows, where other window treatments act quickly inelegant or crushing, sliding curtains are a great design opportunity.


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